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more sketchbook and guest gallery updates

alright, i have much love for my new site, i admit it. however, this means good things for my you…like lots of updates. there are plenty of new sketchbook pieces, as well as a bunch of new artists in the guest gallery, including, the first female contributor, stephanie mulvihill. this is wonderful news (eben estrogen levels were dangerously low), but i must ask, where the ladies at, yo? are they all allergic to woodgrain (don’t answer that, marge)?

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tucson, az

i was playing pingpong with my siblings over the weekend, and nothing like a little sibling rivalry to bring out the best in an individual. as i dashed their hopes and dreams of ever being able to defeat me in the game of pingpong, i decided to document my victories, and for some reason, my brother and sister think that i am an ass.

tucson, az / pingpong domination