busy week(end) for eben

i’m still sleepy after lots of drawing this weekend. two illustrations are popping up on opposite sides of the continent today.

first is a bouncer for the georgia straight’s bars and clubs guide. during the drawing of this piece, ao kept coming over and suggesting that i give the guy bigger pecs. what the hell do pecs look like? how would i know? marge, come back, none of my friends can offer real-life reference material.
-check out the illustration (it’s running in vancouver, bc)

second is my first cover for the new york press. they are much maligned this week with the running of last week’s pope article, and the subsequent stepping down of editor-in-chief jeff koyen. a shame, as isn’t it the job of the alt-weeklies to ruffle feathers, occasionally with questionable content, often with iffey drawings (guilty!), and basically just insulting everyone, because, well, they can. if you don’t like it, don’t read it. there are plenty of “legitimate” papers and news channels out there that seem equally irresponsible a good portion of the time.
-check out the illustration (it’s running in new york, ny).


2 thoughts on “busy week(end) for eben

  1. Eben-

    Just made some fatty tacos. Reminded me of Chipotle and Figure. I’ll be back soon! The new job sucks away all my time.
    Don’t you love it when people use your bulletin board for email?

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