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weeklydig redesign

this probably happened a while ago, but being a selfish bastard, i didn’t notice that the boston weely dig got itself a nice overhaul. congrats to tak and crew on the new look dig (if you’re in boston, grab a copy).

added bonus, if you have a copy in your hot little hand, check out the events + listing section, you might recognize the art (it’s nice and big in the print version).


gentlemen, start your sexiness!

questions and arguments often come up in a relationship, however, when your girlfriend is obsessed with nascar, the questions and arguments are always about which nascar driver is sexiest. basically, this is fox’s asnwer to, ‘who’dyadou?’ (inside joke. sorry to those who have not watched football either with me, or ma’ baker) well, stop reading this and go vote! nascar nation hangs in the balance.

who did you vote for? was your sexiest not even listed?


ed emberley

let’s see, if you are hanging out with your four year old nephew, what else are you going to draw? trains! and while visiting my parents, finding old memories of growing up is a given, and my brother managed to unearth a book by ed emberley, a book about trains no less. perfect.

ed emberly


new postcards

new eben postcards are out. if you have not received one and would like to, send me an email with your address and i’ll drop one in the mail for you (if you think that you are on the mailing list, give it a day and one likely will pop up). if you don’t want a postcard, well, uh, do nothing and i promise that i won’t send you one.


some more pc mag spots

some new spots for pc magazine are now up in the illustration portfolio. of particular fun was the apple logo chomping on reporter butt. i am an apple user, and a fan of the company, but honestly, any time you get the chance to draw a butt biting, you got to jump at the opportunity (think postal delivery person style).

this situation actually happened to me once, and no, i wasn’t delivering mail, i was walkin down the street, minding my own business, and this big ol’ dog decided that my bum looked mighty tasty. now, for the record i got me a finnnnne ass, but damn dog, leave it alone! the owner pulled the dog back, and besides my surprise at being attacked, was my amazement at the dog’s jaws being able to open in such a fashion. it sounds a lot worse than it was (eben was fine), so i continued on to the picnic i was heading towards, and being able to show teeth marks in my pants made for good picnic chatter.


my brother, bloggin' out

my brother who got me into the interweb way back when he was in college, i was in highschool, he had a vax account, i was on some crappy 5.6 baud dialup (uh, yes, i am a dork, but i learned it from him! not my fault! i swear, blame my brother!). anyway, he’s finally decided to start a blog, to which i say, it’s about time. of particular interest (at least to me) are the gallery and sketchbook (woot!) sections.
(image courtesy of www.

you can also see greg’s contribution to the guest gallery.