gentlemen, start your sexiness!

questions and arguments often come up in a relationship, however, when your girlfriend is obsessed with nascar, the questions and arguments are always about which nascar driver is sexiest. basically, this is fox’s asnwer to, ‘who’dyadou?’ (inside joke. sorry to those who have not watched football either with me, or ma’ baker) well, stop reading this and go vote! nascar nation hangs in the balance.

who did you vote for? was your sexiest not even listed?


6 thoughts on “gentlemen, start your sexiness!

  1. if only eben was a race car driver. he’d be my sexiest by far. it’s got to be Kurt Busch. I mean he’s got the gomer pyle thing going on in spades! oh how that makes me hot!

  2. well… i am torn between primus’ jerry (he was primus’ race car driver) or jesus, because he build ministry’s hot rod. i’ll go with jesus. maaad sexy. i wouldn’t “do” him, though.

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