patently silly vs. the us house of representatives.

the us government is currently running an oversight hearing on the committee print regarding patent quality improvement. huh? basically, the gov is looking into changes involving how patents are issued in the united states. why do you care? well, you don’t necessarily, but of particular amusement, was the testimony of dr. nathan p. myhrvold:

It is true that there are also some pretty frivolous sounding patents – indeed there are web sites that feature them, like Looking at such a site it becomes obvious that the creativity of American inventors covers the full range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but that can leave the wrong impression. Most patents are both serious and valid.
(read full testimony)

now, this isn’t exactly major league baseball in front of congress, but still pretty neat that was brought up in front of the house of representatives. also, not to be an informant of anything, but i think that i can say that daniel wright, the creator of, is on the juice. while not on the national comedic association’s list of banned substances, pictures do not lie, and mr. wright certainly wasn’t this funny in the past.


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