happy birthday kermit the frog and eben

it’s not easy being green. today kermit the frog is 50, meanwhile, eben has reached the age of 30. i don’t feel any different. i don’t think that i look any different. so what’s the big deal? i could get outmatured by a 15 year old (and often do!). all in all, i do very much like birthdays, and even more so, i like birthday bbqs. my friend kandle (also 30) and i, will be celebrating our birthdays in prospect park next week. if you didn’t get invited, my apologies, now you are:

60th birthday bbq!
location: prospect park picnic house
when: saturday, may 14th, 1:00pm

it’s that time of year again for a kandle & alex birthday bbq. this year we turn 60! well, kandle is thirty, and alex is thirty, so that’s 60. break out the walkers! cream some corn! turn on jeopardy!

we don’t care how old we get, the park is there, and we will be bbq’in, drinkin’, kubbin’, kickballin’, and generally making asses of ourselves, and we want you and your friends to be there.

we’ll have food and drink (more food and more drink are always welcome). the grills will be goin’ and your grandparents will be rockin’!

(note: we’ll be there until it gets too dark to see)


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