photos, sketchbook

eben vs. the bicycle

last wednesday i was in a bicycle on bicycle accident and my hands got broke up a bit (middle finger of my left hand broken, right hand fractured…boxer break), including the left (aka the drawing hand). updates may be a little slow for the time being as i heal and until i am able to work at the computer and drawing table more gooder.

now with photos!

eben vs. the bicycle

eben vs. the bicycle

eben vs. the bicycle

now with x-ray! this the middle finger on my left hand, and no, that’s not the direction my finger is supposed to be going.


further explanation: i was riding on the williamsburg bridge, along came two approaching bicycles, one of which passed the other without looking for oncoming traffic (me!), and when i yelled and attemped to slow/get out of the way, the passing cyclist in his surprise veered more into my path. eben had nowhere to go, but pavement.


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