finally some sketchbook updates / i can draw again

in case you were wondering, i can draw again. both my hands for the most part are healed. the tendons in the left are a bit out of wack, but they are coming around (thanks to the occupational therapy finger gym), and the right is fine and dandy. some things i can once again do: draw, ride my bike, give people the finger, and dress myself.

after a fairly sedentary summer, i am back doing all sorts of things once more, including updating the <a href=";;sketchbook section (the portfolio is on the to-do list). so if you haven’t been in a while, check it out now, and i promise that i have not put up any new photos of my finger.


4 thoughts on “finally some sketchbook updates / i can draw again

  1. Hi Eben, congrats on recovering your ability to give people the finger. guess what i’m doing? i have to write an obituary for myself for my journalism project. i also want to be an illustrator in the future, so as part of my research for my future self, you popped up in mind as source of illustration-goodys-info for my obituary. sounds morbid eh? well, keep up the good work, and thanks for that lesson on (in my case) kung-fu-obsessed-old-man and his beloved duck.

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