slate: moon baseless

an illustration for about nasa’s plans to build a colony on the moon.

slate_moonpootrol_small02.jpgthe article isn’t terribly complimentary of the idea, hence the port-o-potty on the moon’s surface, which led to a very entertaining exchange with my friend pixel11, over what the name of this space bathroom company could be. below, are our thoughts (not for those easily offended by bathroom humor):

“lunar landing”, “jonny on the moon”, “apollo number 2”, “moon rocks”, “light peed”, “space toilets”, “…and you thought uranus was far”, “orbital load”, “dark matter”, “cosmic dumping”, “ASSTEROID!”, “moon pootrol!”, “ASSTRONAUT”, “deep impact”, “the right stuff”, “shuttle blaster”, “mission control”, “we are go for launch”, “all systems go!”, “gozone”, “turd rock from the sun!”, “lunar eclipse”, “gravitational poop”, “black hole”, “galacshit”, “gas giant”, “milky way”, “poopernova!”, “brown dwarf”, “solar wind.”

if you are familiar with pixel11, you may be able to sort out who made each suggestion, however, since we both enjoy a good (bad) pun, this might be a fruitless exercise.

slate: moon baseless, by gregg easterbrook


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