slate: watching "watch now"

an illustration for slate’s review of netflix’s new on-demand movie download service. i don’t personally watch enough movies to really get excited about something like this, however, i enjoyed reading about reihan salam’s love of watching. hmm, love might not be a strong enough word (obsession? compulsion?):

I will note here that my Netflix habits are unconventional. During my early days as a Netflix subscriber, I spent anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a night watching DVDs on fast forward with the subtitles on. Because I read fairly quickly, I was able to follow twists and turns at high speed, thus increasing my cultural literacy in record time. This is impossible with Watch Now. To fast-forward, you grab the slider and drag it to the right, then wait. It’s more like teleporting than running at high speed.

slate: watching “watch now”, by reihan salam

slate: watching “watch now”


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