quickcomic / wall street journal interview

quickcomic: bull eric, ahmad and i were interviewed by the wall street journal about it’s exciting to see that the site is attracting attention (and doesn’t hurt that the mr. rutkoff is a big battlestar gallactica fan, in case you couldn’t tell from the opening to the article):

So the vice president and an old “Battlestar Galactica” robot walk into a bar…

It’s an unlikely pairing for a political gag. But at, it’s possible to create a Cheney-meets-Cylon scenario, or some other offbeat situation, in your own user-made comic strip. The easy-to-use Web site provides the cast of stylish characters, you provide the punch lines.

hopefully this will yield lots of new comics, and means of course that i gotta get drawing new characters, requests? also, go make a comic! time waster, by aaron rutkoff


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