slate: the sex issue

it’s been a busy week as i did a whole series of sex-related illustrations for slate’s sex issue: state of the sexual union. mind you, these weren’t about pr0n, however the sketching for these illustrations was a good deal of fun, with some dirty ideas, some very dirty ideas, and some fully wrong ideas. there were also plenty of childish, boring and prude concepts to go along with the others. honestly, apart from the condom-wing-tipped eagle, the guy with a question mark down his pants, and two i.v. bags going at it, feel free to look at these illustrations with your underage minor, charge or mom.

slate: sex issue eagle

don’t ask the sexperts, dan savage, dr. ruth, and other advice columnists on what’s mystifying about sex
compiled by morgan smith.
slate: sex issue

naughty nursing homes, is it time to let the elderly have more sex?
by daniel engber.
slate: sex issue

pas de deux, why are there only two sexes?
by amanda schaffer.
slate: sex issue

cancer sluts, does the HPV vaccine “promote” promiscuity?
by meghan o’rourke.
slate: sex issue


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