phillies: game 1 nlds 3pm

okay, i am excited, my second baseball post in three days (no, this isn’t going to turn into a sportsblog, just a bit of a philly homer blog). the phillies are in the playoffs for the first time since 1993, playing the colorado rockies in philadelphia today at 3pm edt, which i am guessing is going to impact the philly workday post-lunch, quite a bit. so if you are excited too, here is some philly reading (mainly, this is for rudy, he likes when i keep him apprised of the philly media). and in case you are wondering, the characters below are phil and phyllis, i had a decal on my window of them growing up, put there by my brother, i think.

philadelphia inquirer: never-say-die phillies offer reason to believe
by bill lyon (brought out of retirement)

philadelphia daily news: phillies special section

deadspin: where my team stands: philadelphia phillies
by a.j. daulerio

Philadelphia Phil and Phyllis
(image via


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