high line with feet: part 1

if you were unfortunate enough to chat with me during the month of november, i probably started yabbering on about a project that i was working on, but until now, i had spared the teeming masses who follow this sketchblog (hi mom)…until now!

i was commissioned by the new yorker to do a large scale onsite painting for their annual passport to the arts. the event is a self-guided tour of selected chelsea galleries, culminating in a cocktail reception and auction with proceeds going to friends of the high line. the high line being a “1.5-mile-long historic elevated rail structure on the West Side of Manhattan,” with plans to turn it into a public promenade, and to that end, the subject of my painting (plus feet).

the piece measured 8’x8′, but was broken down into four 4’x4′ sections, which took up quite a large section of the living room as i spread them out to work on the floor. conveniently, ao was away for the weekend, allowing me plenty of time and space to make a mess. the painting was finished onsite, but most of the work was done in a week in my makeshift painting studio…the living room.

high line with feet in-progress (flickr set)

high line with feet: in progress

high line with feet: in progress


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