high line with feet: part 2

the new yorker’s passport to the arts event went off great. all the new yorker folk were fantastic, the art for auctioning was lovely, and i had myself a great time. at the event, i finished off the painting and then went upstairs to enjoy the drinks and snacks with a few friends. in a last piece of good information, all four sections of high line with feet sold in the auction (i won’t say the bidding was fierce, but hey, i’m pleased all the same). an official eben thank you to everyone involved.

i hope to eventually get some official photos from the event, but for the time being, here are some links and selected shots from my personal paparazzi. event photos: ao’s flickr set / mr. fleck’s picasa set

the painting was set up outside, so people could view it (and a land rover) before heading into the party.
high line with feet: event

ao forced me to be photographed with the piece.
high line with feet: event

i was quite pleased with getting my own sign.
high line with feet: event

on the way out, i got around to actually signing the artwork, and since land rover was also a sponsor, i thought i’d sign a car as well. i am sure this specific one’s value has now doubled.
high line with feet: event


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