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stolen illustrations: don't buy this book

last week, darren di lieto from the little chimp society (an illustration community art blog), emailed to inform a number of artists (including myself) that a book titled colorful illustrations 93°c had been published using word for word interviews and artwork from the the little chimp website as well as from personal artists’ websites. the creators of this book did not receive permission to use the content or imagery and are not paying the artists whose work appears in this book. (darren’s post)

cover - colorful illustrations 93ºc

eben spread - colorful illustrations 93ºc

if you see this book in a store, please do not purchase it, and if you are feeling particularly angry, mention to the people working there that the work in the book violates copyright laws, plagiarizes, etc.

– – – –

1) not flattery. there is much chatter about how those appearing in this book should be flattered that their artwork appears in print. this is not the case. i might be flattered if they had asked permission to include my work, and i’d be elated if they had offered to pay for my work to appear in this book. other than that, no.

2) marketing plan. because of this uproar, this book (which likely is crap, although i haven’t seen it in person) is getting a whole lot more attention than it deserves. hopefully this attention is in fact negative and people don’t buy it, however, it’s attention.


2 thoughts on “stolen illustrations: don't buy this book

  1. sean says:

    3) on the other hand: the more money they make, the larger your award in a class-action lawsuit. “the good fight” if there ever was one.

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