what’s online: the no-tasting taste test

the eben fanbase has spoken, sure that fanbase happens to be made up of three year old girls, rather, one three year old girl, but she has spoken:

SUPER illustration today! Django and I spotted it in the Business Section at a table where we were sharing bagels. I asked her what it was since mermaids are one of her favorite things – next to Mats Sundin. The laptop isn’t too far behind so she looked at it and said, i quote,’una ninfa marina!!! con una computadora! en una taza de té!’ it made her day and she now has it in her wallet.

thanks to bb for raising her daughter on a diet of bagels, the the new york times business section, and plenty of eben illustrations, i owe you a tim horton donut. as the illustration itself, it’s one of those ones that doesn’t quite jive with the story (in my mind at least), which can happen with short deadlines. the crux of the story is a new starbucks website where you can experience and learn about their coffee, all from the comfort of your own home.. what’s online, by dan mitchell


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