slate: procrastination

i got to do a whole series of illustrations for a slate special issue on procrastination. i hemmed, i hawed, i put them off . . . actually, i screwed up and got these illustrations done nice and quick!? i blame the studio environment. you may notice that the ‘caveman procrastinating’, isn’t on the slate site. the description i had of the article didn’t quite jive with the final story, don’t tell the t-rex.

just don’t do it: a special issue on procrastination
lollygagging through life: i’m joining procrastinators anonymous—can i get past step one?, by emily yoffee
pro·cras·ti·na·tion: how we got a word for “putting things off”, by ben zimmer
procrasti-nation: workers of the world, slack off!
solitaire-y confinement: why we can’t stop playing a computerized card game, by josh levin

tuesday cover / thursday cover

slate: procrastination

slate: procrastinationslate: procrastination

slate: procrastination


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