what’s online: why some succeed wildly

malcolm gladwell has a new book coming out called, outliers: why some people succeed and some don’t, and the internet is already a-tizzle about it.

more important than mr. gladwell’s book, however, is that this is the final what’s online column. it’s been a great run, 3 years, 140 illustrations, and a whole lot of good times. i would like to take a moment to thank dan mitchell for his great writing over the years, also mickey, nick, james, phyllis and the rest of new york times bizday team for all their stellar work editing, art directing and general upstandingness.

fear not, i will still be working with the times, just this column is ending. stayed tuned to this blog for a best of (possibly a worst of as well). and to answer the question that hasn’t been asked, this week’s what’s online is NOT a self portrait, malcolm gladwell also has curly hair. once again, not a self portrait. what’s online, by dan mitchell


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