newtown creek nature walk

newtown creek is one of the lovliest little spots you can find in greenpoint brooklyn. located in the greenpoint riviera, it is the home to the largest oil spill in u.s. history. yes, bigger than that of the exxon valdez:

Government officials detected the Newtown Creek/Greenpoint oil spill in 1978 and estimated that the some 17 million gallons of petroleum covered more than 50 acres of underground area. Free product exists in large amounts on the water table between Monitor Street and Kingsland Avenue, and extends southeast near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Residual petroleum contamination exists in local groundwater, native soil and fill materials. About half of the spilled oil has been recovered by several oil companies.


on view from this nature walk is the greenpoint sewage treatment plant which actually is kind of cool, however, the views aren’t this good. all in all, the walkway isn’t terribly impressive, i believe odd would be a better word. nature? there are some plants that look ill-tended. lots of areas to sit, however, not much shade on a hot sunny day, so you get a generic waste treatment building. in the end, probably a better place to photograph than to draw.

– recent newtown creek coversage: new york times
newtown creek alliance


mr. baseball indiana: alex meyer

yes, ladies and gentlemen, i have been named mr. baseball for the state of indiana.

(photo via sport illustrated)

in fact this is not the alex meyer of this here website. this alex meyer is 6’7″, 200lbs, a right handed pitcher, and was drafted in the 20th round by the boston red sox (but can you draw mr. meyer!?). a highly sought after high school pitcher, he will be attending the university of kentucky in the fall and was recently named the greensburg daily news’ male athlete of the year:

In just 51 1/3 innings of work, Meyer notched 108 strike-outs including 17 in the Regional Championship game where he posted a 3-1 decision against New Palestine.

He ended an unbeaten season in which he allowed but 19 hits, with an ERA of 0.95. That gave him a place among the state leaders in all three categories – earned run average, strike-outs, and wins.

congratulations alex, we’ll be rooting for you. alex meyer draft report.


slate: the nose that never knows

loss of seeing and hearing are situations that we are familiar with and have attempted to comprehend, but what of the loss of smell. elizabeth zierah tells the painful story of her own life and of her anosmia, the absence of the ability to smell.

this was a tough assignment, as my illustrations don’t generally go towards the realm of somber and serious, but i went for mood with this piece (albeit with a big-glaring-lack-of-nose concept) and the work of rené magritte popped into my head as reference. anyway, don’t forget to appreciate your sense of smell.

slate: the nose that never knows, by elizabeth zierah



basics: smart gadgets acting dumb, as an upgrade goes awry

a piece about the average joe attempting to upgrade to the biggest and baddest tv, only to find out that his components and cables no longer work together, the expenses rise, and in the end, the best upgrade is a return to the original setup. basics, by alan schwarz

while working on this piece, i mucked around with silhouetting. this wasn’t used for the final piece, but turned into an interesting experiment. mayhaps there will be more of this in the future.