mr. baseball indiana: alex meyer

yes, ladies and gentlemen, i have been named mr. baseball for the state of indiana.

(photo via sport illustrated)

in fact this is not the alex meyer of this here website. this alex meyer is 6’7″, 200lbs, a right handed pitcher, and was drafted in the 20th round by the boston red sox (but can you draw mr. meyer!?). a highly sought after high school pitcher, he will be attending the university of kentucky in the fall and was recently named the greensburg daily news’ male athlete of the year:

In just 51 1/3 innings of work, Meyer notched 108 strike-outs including 17 in the Regional Championship game where he posted a 3-1 decision against New Palestine.

He ended an unbeaten season in which he allowed but 19 hits, with an ERA of 0.95. That gave him a place among the state leaders in all three categories – earned run average, strike-outs, and wins.

congratulations alex, we’ll be rooting for you. alex meyer draft report.


11 thoughts on “mr. baseball indiana: alex meyer

  1. you are welcome to sign with the redsox, but please promise you won’t pitch against the phillies, or at least not pitch well against the phillies. i don’t want to have to root against you. once again, good luck!

  2. alex meyer says:

    The Phillies told me i was crazy to ask for first round money. They could have had me with the 24th pick overall. My agent told me they don’t develop pitchers anyway. I have always liked the Red Sox.

  3. damn them!
    as for the development of pitchers i only know from the angle of fan. my view has been that their farm system has gotten better in last 10 years or so (particularly having gotten rid of ed wade), however the team is slow to bring up young pitchers and talent in general. they tend to coddle players, which i imagine is quite frustrating to those in the minors.

    that said, recently they’ve had some success with young pitchers out of the farm system, notably cole hamels, kyle kendrick and ja happ.

  4. alex meyer says:

    Cole Hamels can be flat out nasty. He changes speeds as well as anybody in the bigs. That is the first thing i will need to work on, i won’t be able to overpower mlb hitters.

  5. alex meyer says:

    everybody here thinks my dad & i are idiots. we turned down 2.25 mil & they had the owners plane here to fly me to boston for my physical. i guess i’ll know in three years.

  6. indeed it’s a lot of money, but college is a great experience. teams recently have liked college seasoned recruits and personally, i think being in the minors straight out of a college wouldn’t be all that much fun. sure you’d be playing baseball for a living, but you’d be in some small town likely bored when not baseballing. you’ll learn a lot in college that you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to learn.

    i still hold out hope for you becoming a phillie.

  7. remeber me i ran the speed ball at the carneval in indiana you picth 98 mpr.on my game and you sign the ball twise i still got it thanks alex you the man im keeping the ball for my son is it your first signing took the the big prize every night for your mother that was kool;thanks for the ball;mark knight.

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