slate: the life of a jellyfish

today i was on call to do a slate illustration. basically this means that one of the art directors has me scheduled, they email me a story, i send sketches, we sometimes have a back and forth, things go smoothly, it’s a beautiful thing. today, the slaties were busy with all the democratic convention coverage, john mccain picking a running mate, and probably a hundred other stories. things were a bit delayed and then i got this from jim (ad extraordinaire)…

So it’s a story about jellyfish. That’s all I know, and it’s late, but I want you to get started.
I trust you, so…JELLYFISH! GO!

yup. that was it (and this is actually fewer exclamation points than our usual email threads). how often do you get a job where an ad gives you basically a word, says go, accepts your sketch, accepts your final, and just makes your day. mind you, this isn’t even the first time. slate…i love you guys.

slate: the life of a jellyfish, by constance casey


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