dr. vino: drink local

dr. vino, aka tyler colman, aka the author of a year of wine, asked me to create an illustration for his boycott of beaujolais nouveau, the young wine that comes from france once a year for its november release. i’ll allow him to explain:

Beaujolais Nouveau is a travesty on at least two levels, one gustatory and one environmental. The grapes for this proto-wine were harvested only three months prior to the airdrop. In some years, they are not ripe enough and need to have their alcohol levels boosted by sugar. And most of the Nouveau is made with machine-harvested grapes carbonic maceration, commercial yeast strains and enzymes to give it a confected taste. Don’t get me wrong: I think gamay is one of the most food-friendly red grapes and a great value but mostly when it hails from one of the smaller subzones of Beaujolais.

via drink local

some may point out that beaujolais nouveau is being released early this year to allow for less expensive and greener shipping by boat, dr. vino acknowledges that and writes about it here: putting water in my own wine boycott. that said, he argument works for me, and long ago, i decided that beaujolais nouveau was pretty much swill, cheap, but swill.

the posts are good reads for information about wine production, marketing, and shipping. also quite entertaining are the comments for these two articles, as the internets likes to prove time and again, people have strong passions about EVERYTHING, you just need to find them.


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