i was contacted by the brothers washburn about doing a piece for their color ink book made up of artists, illustrators and cartoonists. unfortunately, the first time i was too busy (lazy? unorganized?), but second time’s the chram. i’ve been drawing feet lately, so why not draw a LOT of feet? there is no underlying message with these feet, however, i did just get new shoes, so maybe my subconscious is coming out in my artwork…profound!

since it is for a coloring book, ao mentioned that by using halftone shading (the dots), i was cheating the colorer. my response is that it looks better this way, screw the colorer! reader thoughts? also, quick straw poll, would you be offended, visibly shaken or happy to receive this as a postcard? (art directors with huge budget$ are requested to weigh in)

the brothers washburn: the color ink book



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