finger lakes region, ny

this past weekend, ao and i headed across new york state to the finger lakes region for some camping, swimming, wine tasting, swimming, hiking and a bit of swimming. on excursions such as these, i always plan to draw a ton, but who am i kidding, it’s vacation! i did, however, find a few mechanical objects to draw in and about all that nature.



design*sponge: sketch mornings

my week of guest sketchblogging over at design*sponge finishes off today, here’s the final post. coffeeshop drawing will of course continue here, and iff’n you’re interested, i’ve uploaded the entire set to flickr:

flickr: d*s coffeeshops


illustration, sketchbook

design*sponge: sketch mornings

i am excited to once again be blog-hanging out with my friend grace over at design*sponge (previously ao’s and my apartment had the honor of appearing as a d*s sneak peek). this week however, i am guest sketchblogging. the pieces are a collection of coffeeshop drawings from around the neighborhood, so lots of muffins and coffee from some of my favorite hangouts. eat and drink up.

design*sponge sketch morning: monday
(subsequent posts will be appearing in the artwork section of d*s)



slate: the summer movie special

illustrations for the slate summer movie special issue. go read about the indignities of outdoor movies, stunt men’s favorite flicks (personal illustration goal of drawing a big ol ‘splosion…achieved. kablooey!), and more.

slate: summer movies issue III


slate: that was awesome, by kevin conley.


slate: let’s go see a movie in the park!, by juliet lapidos.