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hp artist series wallpapers

i had the honor of working with hp to develop three backgrounds for their 2010 laptop line. the pieces are in the style of my sketchbook drawings, so i got to ink and watercolor and tape and whatever. the artist series also includes the über-talents of laura barnard, amy ruppel, and julie west. all 2010 laptops ship with these backgrounds and are also now available for download, go get’m!

> download wallpapers <

update 1: you can now read my interview with hp, if you are feeling so inclined.
update 2: just saw the interview translated to chinese. even more entertaining to read it translated back to english!

color and paper tests:


8 thoughts on “hp artist series wallpapers

  1. thanks man. it was pretty darn exciting when that came through. actually been sitting on it for a few months waiting for the laptop line to launch.

  2. Alex,

    Your images are amazing…the quality of your line work superb, the economic use of color that works just right…I am proud to sat your were a student of mine. I found this by going to the do something site where my daughter posted her work to try to win scholarship money and saw an ad for the wallpapers…then managed to get to your site and then hey I know eben. I love Amy Ruppel’s work…I have one in my home and we have done some art exchanges.

    Take care and continue to make such great art.


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