old pulp and new tape

around the eben château are some old pulp titles, some with covers, some formerly with covers, and some just falling apart . . .

. . . they got taped’d.


6 thoughts on “old pulp and new tape

  1. Hi, I have a vague recollection of writing this comment before… maybe it didn’t meet your standards for approval… anyhow incase my computer just malfunctioned, I am really intrigued to know where your fascination with tape began? I have never come accross these tapes before and it’s a quirky little touch to your artwork. I highly appreciate your use of them.

  2. hey @sharolyn, just finally looking at the bloggyblog on a computer vs. a tiny internet device that only makes things difficult, and am going to put my response in the correct post!

    no worries about the spam 😉

    as for the tape fascination, honestly, I don’t exactly recall. I do remember that it was a quick and easy way to lay down some bold and colorful lines. i picked up some artist masking tape one day and just thought it was fun. which lead to more tape, and just continued on. lame response, i know.

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