cafe royal

finally sat out in cafe royal’s backyard, and in possibly the most amazing urban gardening moment for me, their neighbors have an enormous cherry tree that crosses over the fence and is full of cherries. now, these aren’t the most amazing cherries i’ve ever had in my life, but cherries? in greenpoint? for the picking? color me impressed.

note: this is not a drawing of the cherry tree, just thought i’d share.

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npr: hand, arm, android

a couple of weeks ago, i was involved in a video shoot directed by john pavlus for NPR’s new android app. the idea behind the video is a stop-motion-whiteboard-style thingie, illustrating the community development of the app. it was a fun day, the shoot took place at ten ton studio in the brooklyn navy yard, and i got to hangout with a bunch of good looking hands. in case you’re curious, i’m the hand at the top right (the lefty, but you knew that) mostly drawing in the orange highlight field during the mass of hands segment (:41-:58).

more info: npr blog / behind the scenes

here are a couple of behind the scenes shots i secretly took with my ‘android’ phone before the NPR gestapo showed up to keep me from photographing the proceedings.

(jannese rojas at work, duane bruton NOT at work)