slate: how black people use twitter

yesterday i did a quick slate illustration for an article titled how black people use twitter, which could have been called hashtags started by black teens, or some less flameworthy title. i woke up to this wonderful email:

subject: A brown bird?
Dude, you are RACIST. I’m calling Jesse Jackson now.

i was pretty entertained, and not sure whether the person who sent the email (anonymously for the most part) was actually offended, sarcastic, or just being an ass. starting out, i figured this article and illustration would probably drum up some conversation, both positive and negative, and while this illustration isn’t going to win any awards for concept, is it offensive? do you, dear reader, find it racist?

slate: how black people use twitter, by farhad manjoo.

while mulling this over and chatting with slate, they sent over this hilarious illustration remix by (check out the rims on that twitterbird!):

your racist illustrator.

p.s. jesse, let’s do lunch!

p.p.s. since you didn’t ask, this is how i look as a twitterbird (full disclosure, i need a haircut):


13 thoughts on “slate: how black people use twitter

  1. Ok. I’m free for lunch next thurs. Let’s meet at Katz’s. 1pm. Oh yeah u thought I was gonna say Sylvia’s? Figures damn racist.

    Ps. They have fried chicken at katz’s right?

  2. I am not sure I agree with you, I recall your complexion as much lighter then #E2BAA1, in fact I would probably put you more at the #F0DBCD end of the spectrum. Unless of course you got a tan, in which case you are totally a racist!

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  6. silver says:

    Dude, there isn’t enough hair on that twitter bird to really reflect what you look like. or i guess, more appropriately feathers? red feathers all over the damned thing. maybe a red furry sweater?

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