holy crap, my lil’ slate illustration became a meme (for a day or so. by the time some of you read this, you will have missed it). thanks to the genius work of @innyvinny to take the bird and hilarious-it-up (see the entire collection). i just thought i’d post a quick rundown of a few of my favorites:

black goth: @Ravan_A / old spice: @revizion / grace jones: @iamthenublack

wait, huh? i’m confused. here’s an explanation (more or less and the original illustration). in summation, you are all racist! thanks to everyone who joined in, i ♥ the internet.

twitter: #browntwitterbird

update: just to set the record straight, the original #browntwitterbird is sporting an iphone4.

update2: npr. for realliously? still waiting for the daily show or colbert report. anytime now, gentlemen.


4 thoughts on “#browntwitterbird

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