migratory bikes

let me start off by saying i have a simple commute, which makes me all the more impressed that i manage to encounter a full range of bike shenanigans over the course of it, hell, within the first five blocks. of particular entertainment is the crossing of mcguinness and driggs (google map).

today had me arriving 3rd or 4th to the intersection, sitting behind a bike rider or two, trackstanded in front of, etc. when the light turned green, it was like birds scattering. a thing of beauty, idiotic beauty.

further study: bike snob nyc (the indignity of commuting by bicycle posts are genius)


6 thoughts on “migratory bikes

  1. that was me. i was just sitting there watching, then i was riding behind the dark blue rider, who couldn’t be bothered to go faster than 5mph (after passing me to trackstand in front of me at the previous light. thanks, dude).

  2. Ha ha ha. I have to say, I biked in Chicago, which is a very bike friendly city. Wonderful bike path, even the most amazing bike garage, where you could park for free, or get a membership, and use their lockers, store your gear and take a shower. And the showers were better then the one I have at home.

    New Yorkers haven’t quite cottoned onto biking yet. I’m sure they will get there. Or die in traffic trying.

    • bike garage? what the hell. new york is very into cycling, enough so that’s there plenty to complain about and critique. it’s even a testament to its validity as a means of transportation that you don’t need a car to be an asshole.

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