bike brake spring

if you’ve had the pleasure of my company at any point this week, i’ve probably whined to you (sorry) about having broken the spring for the rear brake of my bike. a rare thing to break, and difficult to find a replacement. commuting by foot to the studio this week i’ve even sunk to ogling peoples’ rear brake springs. sad, i know. it’s gotten so bad that i have now drawn said single pivot brake spring.

note: if you park your bike in the williamsburg/greenpoint area and find that your rear brake is not functioning, i promise to restore all of it’s functioning pieces upon the arrival of a certain replacement part . . . and thanks for your generosity!


2 thoughts on “bike brake spring

    • i wouldn’t think so either, however, this spring is longer than the standard one (i did order what i hope is the correct spring online and am awaiting its arrival). everyone i have spoken to has been surprised the spring even broke, and pretty much said the same as you, so in the meantime i did put on new calipers, so everything is running fine and dandy. it’s entirely possible i won’t swap out the brakes when i get the spring, i just like the idea of keeping the old brake. we shall see.

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