slate: turkey tussle

slate’s annual talking points guide to navigating your thanksgiving political throwdown. i don’t recall many heated political arguments at my family’s thanksgivings, but reanimated turkeys? practically every year.

happy turkey everyone!
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slate: turkey tussle, by jon dickerson

illustration, store

new york times: dining

illustration of locanda verde for the cover of the new york times’ dining section. for this project i got to work in my sketchbook style, with watercolor, and big . . . basically i have been walking around with a big shit-eating grin all week. the reaction to this piece has been great, so thanks to all of you out in reader land, and to cathy gilmore-barnes for her superb art direction.
(note: prints now available)

nytimes: chefs’ tips for the thanksgiving meal, by sam sifton.

photo credit: james gulliver hancock



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