slate: will robots steal your job?

farhad manjoo starts his investigation into the future of automation, and not just assembly lines, but robots as doctors, writers, teachers and lawyers. notably, he doesn’t mention anything about automated illustrators. i’d like to see johnny 5 come up with the idea of robots chatting at a watercooler, it’s impossible!

slate: will robots steal your job? by farhad manjoo
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slate: tyrannosaurus sex

so, i’ve moved on from snogging books to snogging dinosaurs. slate’s explainer looks into dino-procreation, however, the editors did request that i keep the imagery non-pornographic. this cretaceous kiss is based on alfred eisenstaedt’s times square v-j kiss for life magazine.

slate: how did dinosaurs have sex? by brian palmer
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bloomberg businessweek: alpha android (alternate)

as mentioned in a previous post, this illustration for bloomberg businessweek had an alternate version. the specifics of the story changed, so the specifics of the illustration ended up changing as well, however, i liked the direction the first one one was going, so what the hell, i finished it up. i am undecided which version i prefer.

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