maurice sendak

i finally got around to watching the maurice sendak interview with stephen colbert, which i partially avoided assuming that it would be nostalgia fodder or hero worship. instead, i found sendak to be hilarious, sharp, scathing and brilliant. you will not be disappointed.

part 1:

part 2:

animation, sketchbook

youtube: one hour per second

youtube users are now uploading one hour of video per second.
wait, huh? every 1 second (tick), an entire hour of video gets uploaded. wow.

working with the lovely ben tricklebank (founder, ceo and dog walker of punk & butler), i created the illustrations for and the accompanying promotional video. overall, a wonderful breakneck project for the fine people at youtube and google.

creative: google data arts team + punk & butler
production: punk & butler / illustration: alex eben meyer / copywriting: charlie short / animation: this is his / development: use all five / sound: mophonics

update: the promo video hit 500,000+ views, hot crap!
some great writeups from creative review, flowing data, and drawn (among many others!). thanks everyone.