newsweek/daily beast: food for thought

meaty spot illustrations for newsweek/daily beast about beef intake by various segments of americans.
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slate: draw something

the new hot app for iphone/ipad/facebook/android/whathaveyou is draw something, a social pictionary* style game in the vein of words with friends, the latest and greatest way to use your device to scratch your butt. according to the farhad manjoo, the joy comes from the ease of play and lack of rules. according to me, i signed up, started a random game with somebody who drew what were presumably shoes, then drew an arrow pointing at said shoes, and then wrote: ‘goes on feet’.

slate: better than words with friends, by farhad manjoo.
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*i am a bit of a grump about this as i have always hated pictionary.


la republica dominicana

ao and i just returned from a lovely trip to the dominican republic. per usual, i brought along both my large and small sketchbooks, some pens, and water color set really just to add weight to my bag. there were some terribly boring doodles from the plane ride (not shown) and ONE drawing of the beach (shown). my vacation expectation is to keep some kind of travel journal/sketchbook of about one page per day, yup.

final vacation tally
drawings made: 1
books read: 1.5
beers consumed: yum


bloomberg businessweek: data security

businessweek investigates what happens when your smartphone get stolen and the private information that gets looked at. entertaining package of illustrations, including controversy over the ‘photos’ one. the blurred version is the original one i sent, but the legals were uncomfortable with my blurring (okay, it’s true, you can see junk), thus the final version has black bars covering sensitive areas. i will say though, the back and forth over this change cause quite the amusement in the studio.

…and to answer your unasked question, yes indeed there is a full-on nudie NSFW version!

Data Security: Most Finders of Lost Smartphones Are Snoops
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