topps bunt

happy baseball opening day!

if you didn’t know, i love baseball (i even have a minor league name-doppelgänger, sadly he’s in the nationals’ farm system, but i still wish him well). so when i was approached by topps (yes, topps!) to create avatars for their new ipad app, i think we can comfortably say that i was shit giddy. bunt is a baseball companion app that merges old school card collecting and fantasy sports. collect and trade your favorite players and track them in real time. players’ points are based on stats throughout the season. slumping? dump him. streaking? go get that young star. or, if you’re a homer like me, just go with your favorite team.

the bunt team is already working on updates, enhancements, and more avatars for the app, so have at it and let me know what you think. issues? comments? glowing reviews? i know people, they’ll love to hear it all.

starting team bunt lineup:
michael bramlage (P), chris romero (CF), chris pacetti (SS), erich wood (C), ernesto santos (1B), alex eben meyer (3B).

> download topps bunt!


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