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4/20 giveaway contest

in one of the more blatant and obvious marketing moves of all time, i am giving away 4 copies of chronicle’s mary jane matching game in honor of 4/20. now, you probably have questions about how you can get your paws on this, so let’s do a little FAQ. happy weed day, and good luck!

q: dude, what is this mary jane matching game?
a: it’s a memory matching game just like the one you played as a kid, except this one features 36 pairs of weed themed illustrations by yours truly, and put out by chronicle books…they’re based in san francisco, of course.

q: do i really want a matching game?
a: of course you do. if you win, it’s free! all of your stoner friends will be jealous, some of your non-stoner friends too!

q: is this game even legal?
a: there are no hidden “extras” in the packaging, if that’s what you are asking.

– – –

q: how do i enter?

a: like this post on facebook, RT this tweet, like/reblog this post on tumblr, or heck, you can even enter with g+! (note: google+ entry might get forgotten due to general disinterest in google+).

bonus: hilarious hashtags, dumb comments, and horrible puns will receive extra consideration.

– – –

q: is the picture of the cat with laser beams coming out of its eyes, your cat?
a: of course!

q: i didn’t win. i’m destroyed inside. is there anything i can do to fill this void?
a: i am guessing that the fine people at chronicle would sell you one if you asked nicely, or gave them your credit card number, i mean, it IS available for purchase.


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