topps bunt: darrrr-yllllll! darrrrrrrrrr-yllllllll!

over the past couple of the months, the topps bunt app has reached version 2.0 and beyond, an iphone version, new avatars, and becoming snappier and slicker. if you haven’t downloaded or looked at it recently, what are you waiting for? it’s free. there isn’t much baseball season left. do it. go. now. i’ll wait.

> download topps bunt!

added bonus: the app has been taken over for a limited time by none other than darryl strawberry, former mets superstar. i am not a mets fan (mets suck!), but as an illustrator i’ll whore myself to the all-mighty dollar. thus, i drew darryl, only losing a small piece of my soul in the process. please enjoy this hate filled drawing.


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