slate: heaven help us

it’s bizarro day in the eben studios. this article for slate is about a harvard “neurosurgeon’s” visit to heaven. look, i am not going to get into his book and his claim. if you believe in heaven, good, if you don’t, also fine (slate’s daniel engber isn’t terribly impressed and it is a fairly amusing thrashing of the book). personally, i don’t care, well i do, but you’re more likely to get my opinions about it over a beer than over the internoodles. the real point of this story is that the name of this guy is eben alexander III. EBEN ALEXANDER III!!! this is just crazy. it’s like i am illustrating in an alternate universe, and we all know ebens aren’t brain surgeons. boom!

additional notes: yes, i self butt modeled.
art direction: holly allen

slate: heaven help us, by daniel engber.



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