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octopi remix

don masse is at it again. an art teacher in san diego, don devises projects where his students recreate and put their own spin on artwork. his 4th graders remixed a crazy bicycle drawing, his 1st graders recreated popsicles, and now his 5th graders took a crack at typographic octopi. the results are spectacular, compare them to the originals. great work class, 8 thumbs up!

guest gallery

guest gallery: josh cochran / kristin varner / jessica hische

in honor of the beginning of the obama presidency, i have been updating my site, and that means new guests have been added to the guest gallery. welcome to josh, kristin and jessica. actually, none of this has anything to do with the obama presidency. happy inauguration day!

josh cochran: guest gallery page /
guest gallery: josh cochran

kristin varner: guest gallery page /
guest gallery: kristin varner

jessica hische: guest gallery page /
guest gallery: jessica hische

guest gallery

eben welomes gia bao tran to the guest gallery

after a painfully long time of asking, i forcefully added gia bao tran (gb) to the guest gallery. gb’s a good friend and drawing buddy, but it wasn’t until threats of bodily harm were levied against him, that gb finally contributed anything (and by contribute, i mean he allowed me to use a readymade piece of art from his website). needless to say, he’s a talented boy, check out his work.

gb tran