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well this was amazing. bravo dischler, bravo.

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an im conversation from friday:

Mark Dischler:
dude. u are an amazing wealth of knowledge. I hope to be able to return the many favors some day.
i owe you at least 10 beers!

Alex Eben Meyer:
that’s going to be a mess, cause i plan to drink them all at once

Mark Dischler:
then maybe one of those fancy growlers that you kids are all into these days. heh.

Alex Eben Meyer:
fuck that.

this arrived today:

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better homes and gardens

back in february, i had the opportunity to get my hands painty on a project for better homes and gardens. friend, studio neighbor, and illustrator james gulliver hancock did the initial stoop drawing, but he couldn’t be bothered to change the date of his wedding to create the large finished piece. so for a day, i got to be large scale painter eben! nice to get out of the studio, as well as getting to meet some lovely people.
ad: marcus hay

the shoot took place and canoe studios in manhattan, and while i have nothing but love for the pencil factory, canoe has some views.

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sweet dreams, little green sketchbook.

normally i don’t much like sketchbooks that last too long as it tends to mean they became too precious, and this lil’ guy lasted a year and a half (that’s a long time in eben sketchbook years). there’s some good stuff in the front and back, and really, part of its longevity is due to just being plain old forgotten in the middle of last year. so little green sketchbook, join your comrades, i’ll flip back through you someday.