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well this was amazing. bravo dischler, bravo.

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an im conversation from friday:

Mark Dischler:
dude. u are an amazing wealth of knowledge. I hope to be able to return the many favors some day.
i owe you at least 10 beers!

Alex Eben Meyer:
that’s going to be a mess, cause i plan to drink them all at once

Mark Dischler:
then maybe one of those fancy growlers that you kids are all into these days. heh.

Alex Eben Meyer:
fuck that.

this arrived today:


church of bracketology: hardwood ale

my friends at the first church of bracketology contacted me in need of a beer tap for their weekly worship, and more importantly for their march high holiday services. after meeting with the delightful reverend raycroft, we came upon a name and visual look for their holy brew, hardwood ale. go defense!

note: hardwood ale might end up being hardwood pilsner, they aren’t brewing the stuff, just labeling it.