animation, illustration

google: exquisite forest

the wonderful creative folk at the googles have launched a new project in conjunction with the tate modern in london, the exquisite forest. the site is a collaborative art project conceived of by aaron koblin and chris milk, where users create short animations that build off one another while exploring a specific theme.

working with the amazingly named ben tricklebank, i was tasked with creating illustrations for the introductory video that presents the exquisite forest. along with the website, a physical installation of the exquisite forest is on display at the tate modern. if you happen to visit or reside in london, be sure to check it out.
creative direction: ben tricklebank / animation: justin young

> the exquisite forest introduction


paris, france

i started to get worried that all i did was draw in coffee shops, so ao and i decided to hop across the atlantic to have the opportunity to draw in cafes. seriously though, just got back from a lovely vacation in paris, and while i never draw as much when i’m away as i hope to, here is some wine and cheese soaked sketching (the second drawing is actually wine soaked).





in case you are surprised by my lack of chatter, twittering, blogging this coming week, it’s because i’ll be being on vacation (wahoo!). yes, the lady and i are off on a lovely fall trip to the city of bears, paris. plenty of sketching and bloggering upon my buttery-winesoaked return.